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Bowen Consulting Group, LLC (BCG) is a firm focusing on coaching businesses to a higher level of excellence. BCG has assisted over 250 medical providers, attorneys, accountants and other small business owners earn more, keep more, increase compliance, and live fuller richer lives…all while substantially reducing tax liability.


We provide business consulting, legal, marketing, financial lending, employee contracts, tax preparation, corporate structure, accounting, bookkeeping, practice management, and wellness programs to kickstart your business into high gear.


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Satisfied Clients

  • Three years after hiring Jim, my practice continues to grow and be more profitable."

    Chris Osterlitz, DC

    Eugene, Oregon

  • The cost of hiring Jim to consult with us and teach us how to make our practice run as an actual business has been tremendously valuable.  It's like the gift that keeps on giving year after year.  We have easily made 10 times back the initial fee when you consider how much we have saved over the past 3 years alone.  Jim is always available and returns our calls quickly.  He cares about us as individuals as well.  I would have no reservations in hiring Jim Bowen to help you with your business.  He is awesome!


    Mike Ilyankoff

    Everett, Washington

  • I’m currently wrapping up my first year of consulting with Bowen Consulting Group. I have to say in retrospect it was well worth every penny. In fact, business has been doing so well as a result of the consulting that the fee would be a no brainer at this point.  I noticed the consulting fees were essentially reimbursed almost immediately by the strategies Jim helped to set up. I could not have anticipated how far the office and everything else in my life has changed since that time. I was challenged to move out of my comfort in business and personal life and as a result have hit all of my career goals to this point. Our office, business and life are completely transformed in a major and positive way. We've added multiple staff, doubled and now on pace to triple collections. Thanks for everything Jim and Kim!

    Dr Chris Z.

    Portland, Oregon

  • "Jim Bowen has been assisting my clients in the strategies and execution of their financial planning for over two years. My clients have reported glowing reviews of Jim’s work and his deep concern for their financial well-being. Glowing reviews are wonderful, but the true success of his work is in how much money he saves my clients each year. All of my clients have reported substantial savings and a marked decrease in their financial liability to the IRS at the end of the year. He also councils them on numerous issues from negotiating leases to buying their next home. Jim is a stanch supporter of “Chiropractic” and understands the unique challenges chiropractors face. This alone has a value hard to put a price on. His approach is direct and to the point and most importantly without judgement. He just wants to see good Chiropractors do well and have successful practices they can be proud of. I fully endorse Jim’s work and I would recommend him to any Chiropractor who is serious about his or her business and wants to create a legacy for the future.”

  • “Dear Jim, Some time ago you asked for an endorsement of your services from John and myself, and while there was much to say, about our “experience” with you, we were honestly still waiting for results – perhaps because we had signed on after our taxes had already been filed and we had to wait a whole year to see if it was really worth while. Some of your recommendations we already knew needed to be done, but seeing it put in writing really gave us a push. We had to work through some serious growing pains as individuals, as a couple and as a practice. It was no picnic! However, last month we completed two monumental tasks that we would not have been able to accomplish so soon had we not made the changes you recommended. To coin a phrase “the results are in”. Restructuring our tax status, and working with the guidelines set out by yourself and Mr. Zielke, and with Mark Terdle in our accounting corner, John and I were able to pay off his student loans 10 years sooner than scheduled, and finish remodeling our clinic (which will enable us to really grow our practice). Please consider the following as our endorsement of fact with our heartfelt thanks! My husband measures remarkable results in the health of patients who follow his chiropractic treatment plans, and as bookkeeper for our clinic I can clearly measure financial improvements that justify the effectiveness of Jim Bowen’ counsel. We started working with Jim in 2007 and in just over a year of implementing the changes he advised we were able to: Pay off John’s student loan 10 years ahead of schedule, remodel our clinic, save $30,000 in taxes, and increase our NET worth by $95,000. Results can be measured – results count. Thanks Jim!”

Our  clients  consistently  report  three  things:  they learn a lot, they are more confident in the directions in life they are heading,  they save a significant amount of money and they have fun in the process.

The yearlong, unlimited consulting process starts with an examination of your corporate structure (or lack of one), tax returns and a review of intake documents.  We like to refer to it as a “Business X-Ray” of your practice or a “Business Check-up”, although it covers much more than the financial aspects of a clinic. This is the foundation for creating a plan that is specific to you and your practice.

Our clients consistently report three things: First, they learn a lot, second, they are more confident in the directions in life they are heading, and lastly, they save a significant amount of money and they have fun in the process.

We start with an on-site evaluation of your company.  This is a complete review of your business entity, clinic, tax reporting, accounting, expensing and every other aspect of your business and personal life.  The initial meeting is usually 4-5 hours at the clinic or business.

This is a very detailed examination of your office, a review of your corporate and personal tax returns and a review of other documents relevant to your business life (including insurance policies, brokerage statements, lease agreements, employee/independent contractor agreements, etc.).  The discussions cover every aspect of you, your family and your business.

We then create a Report of Findings that summarizes the existing operation, highlights challenges facing the business owner and details changes that will improve the business.  BCG will address past and present issues and guide the business owner to more profitable future operations.

There are six main results of this process

1. Your business will be more compliant with State, Federal and insurance company laws and regulations.

2. Your business will become more efficient in actions, accounting and expenditures – it will start acting like a real business.

3. A more efficient business operation results in a significant lowering of tax liability.

4. You will have more direction and purpose in your clinic and in life.   Increased satisfaction in daily life and better integration of family needs and business activities will begin with this process.

5. Your business income will increase with the implementation of alternative protocols, structures and marketing as suggested by BCG.

6. Your attitude will change – less worry and more enjoyment.

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Are you passionate about your profession, and enjoy your work, but when it comes to the business-side of your practice, do you feel like you’re falling short? How many different “hats” do you wear while running your business in a day? In a week.

Most small business owners lack one of the single greatest assets that can significantly shape the financial fluidity of their company –– a chief financial officer. It’s easy to shrug the notion off. CFO’s are for large corporations, with a complex business structure, layers and layers of employees, and millions of dollars at their disposal, right?

Wrong. Small business practices need the help of a CFO — if not even more than a larger company. Small businesses have many of the same concerns and responsibilities of a larger company; but they operate with a limited staff and much less financial backing they can rely on.

We at Bowen Consulting Group act as your CFO and provide the services and protection that your small business needs.

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