• Received over $37,000 I overpaid to the IRS!
    “Jim’s fee was more than paid for as the IRS refund checks came pouring in from 2007, 2008, and 2009. Even after skipping my 4th quarter 2010 estimated tax payment, I received a large refund for 2010. In all, I received back over $37,000 in money that I overpaid to the IRS for the past 4 years. ”
  • Best practice coach!
    ”Jim Bowen unwittingly has become the best practice coach I have ever had in the 8 years I’ve been in business.”
  • $50,000 less in taxes this year!
    “I’m going to pay $50,000 less in taxes this year, thanks to Jim. But the best news is how I feel about my practice now. It’s earning money again without making any legal or ethical compromises.” –– Phillip Kriss, DC
  • My stress is less, my income is significantly increased!
    “With Jim’s advice and guidance I am working much smarter, not harder, and my office is actually running more like an efficient corporation. My stress is less, my income is significantly increased, and we have a great game plan for the future.”

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    Business Consulting

    In this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to structure your business and personal finances to ensure increased…
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    Tax Coaching

    Are you paying more to  the IRS than you need to?  Many practice owners unnecessarily pay thousands and thousands of dollars…
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    Conference Speaker

    Need a dynamic speaker for your conference? The business and tax advice that I provide will astonish your members ...…
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    Attend one of my seminars. Learn about new laws that will affect your practice, how to decrease your tax liability,…
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Docs need accurate, courtroom-tested information and advice more than ever and it is sometimes difficult to sift through the seminar chaff to know what the law and reality actually are. I have found some of the best attorneys in the country - who interact directly with clinics, agencies and courts -… read more →

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