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Bowen Consulting Group, LLC (BCG) is a firm focusing on coaching businesses to a higher level of excellence. BCG has assisted over 250 medical providers, attorneys, accountants and other small business owners earn more, keep more, increase compliance, and live fuller richer lives…all while substantially reducing tax liability.


We provide business consulting, legal, marketing, financial lending, employee contracts, tax preparation, corporate structure, accounting, bookkeeping, practice management, and wellness programs to kickstart your business into high gear.


We Evaluate, Analyze, and Implement

Satisfied Clients

Our  clients  consistently  report  three  things:  they learn a lot, they are more confident in the directions in life they are heading,  they save a significant amount of money and they have fun in the process.

The yearlong, unlimited consulting process starts with an examination of your corporate structure (or lack of one), tax returns and a review of intake documents.  We like to refer to it as a “Business X-Ray” of your practice or a “Business Check-up”, although it covers much more than the financial aspects of a clinic. This is the foundation for creating a plan that is specific to you and your practice.

We start with an on-site evaluation of your company.  This is a complete review of your business entity, clinic, tax reporting, accounting, expensing and every other aspect of your business and personal life.  The initial meeting is usually 4-5 hours at the clinic or business.

This is a very detailed examination of your office, a review of your corporate and personal tax returns and a review of other documents relevant to your business life (including insurance policies, brokerage statements, lease agreements, employee/independent contractor agreements, etc.).  The discussions cover every aspect of you, your family and your business.

We then create a Report of Findings that summarizes the existing operation, highlights challenges facing the business owner and details changes that will improve the business.  BCG will address past and present issues and guide the business owner to more profitable future operations.

There are six main results of this process

1. Your business will be more compliant with State, Federal and insurance company laws and regulations.

2. Your business will become more efficient in actions, accounting and expenditures – it will start acting like a real business.

3. A more efficient business operation results in a significant lowering of tax liability.

4. You will have more direction and purpose in your clinic and in life.   Increased satisfaction in daily life and better integration of family needs and business activities will begin with this process.

5. Your business income will increase with the implementation of alternative protocols, structures and marketing as suggested by BCG.

6. Your attitude will change – less worry and more enjoyment.

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