James M. Bowen, JD, CEO

Jim’s background, education, and experience allow him to provide unrivaled business consulting and tax coaching for the small business owner. While not providing legal counsel, his knowledge of the law as it pertains to the healthcare sector and the small business practice, along with his willingness to share this information with his clients, has proven invaluable to hundreds of practice owners.

Jim focuses on intensive, specialized, and educational experiences for healthcare professional. Jim has spoken at over 120 speaking engagements in 14 States, made numerous radio appearances and webinar interviews, and has organized over 75 full day, multi-speaker seminar/workshops. Jim has written multiple articles in professional periodicals on various topics including tax, legal compliance, health care, and practice management. In addition, he has coordinated with and provided advice to various State Associations, trusts, and nonprofit groups.

Jim has served as a litigation attorney for a specialty law firm; a consultant to developing energy companies; a researcher for the Library of Congress in Washington, DC; and even a criminal investigator while attending the George Washington School of Law in Washington, DC.

Consultant. Educator. Speaker. Writer.

Consultant. Educator. Speaker. Writer.
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