An Epiphany!

Does the thought of singing in front of strangers produce abject panic and fear?  Thoughts of jumping out the window or  running away?

If so, you are not alone.

I just returned from one of the most powerful, transformative seminars I have ever attended and I think you might benefit from attending as well.  I want to see if we can bring this experience to clinic owners in Portland and Seattle.

In the VoiceLeader workshop, Claude Stein combines psychology and singing to transform people into recognizing and communicating their natural (authentic) being to others in the form of song.  And it works.  It works quickly and with amazing results.

My weekend saw 40 people – doctors, lawyers, therapists…even 3 professional singers – who were all traumatized at the thought of singing in front of strangers.  Many people even cried during the first run-through.

Claude, however, is a master.  He has taught at Julliard, is on the Mass General Hospital faculty, coached many of the top singers in the country and has developed This Course for Corporate Leadership.  Senior management at J&J, GE, NASA, Siemens, Sprint and dozens of others corporate and management entities have taken his course.  Watching him work was an incredible experience.   Brochure and Bio.

Claude has an ability to instantly see behind each person. With simple call and response exercises he quickly brings people out from under the burdens, the restrictions, the issues that have stopped them from expressing themselves through song all their lives.

Within minutes you hear people start to soften, to change, to drop their issues and become more calm and focused.  Claude uses different techniques with each person and it simply blew me away watching him healing person after person.  At the end of the workshop, everyone sang again and this time there was no crying, no hesitations, just happy singing.

The power behind Claude’s approach is that he uses singing to uncover different layers within people – singing as manifestation of a combination of trauma, fear, blocking emotions and mindsets – and by becoming comfortable with singing, many of these inner issues simply melt away as well.  The therapists at the seminar all stated that the workshop was more effective than 5 years of their therapy.

The results are uniformly transformative – and I do not use that word lightly.  Everyone was happier, more relaxed and felt more….authentic.  Real.  I noticed that my communications with others, in person and even over the phone, were different.

Corporations use the workshop to enhance leadership.  Aligning head, heart and mission and embracing vulnerability creates a more authentic person as well as a more effective leader.  Alignment also enables better communication of caring to others – better for you, your patients and your clinic.


Here is the plan:

I have a chance to bring Claude to Portland on Thursday, September 19 and to Seattle on Saturday, September 21 for one-day, intensive workshops (15 attendees only!).  I do not have a price yet, but it will just cover his fee and the venue charge.

I guarantee that you will be a different person after this experience.  Make you more relaxed.  More confident.  Project the caring you feel towards others easier and more freely.

This will also be tailored to you  – the small medical practice owner.  Chiropractors.  Dentists.  MDs.  It will be open to spouses and any office staff you want to bring, but it will be focused on making you a better practitioner by coming from a more balanced state.

What I need now is an indication of interest (no commitments) to make this happen.  I will keep a list of names as they come in who will then have priority to later commit to the event as we get venues and prices.

So … please let me know asap if you have an interest in attending.

And I will see you there!


(Next up – July tax seminars, health care info.  Watch for it in the next few days.)

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