In just one-year of intensive education I will:

  • Educate you on how to run your
    business as a corporate owner
  • Teach you how to run your business efficiently
  • Show you how to increase income
    and decrease tax liabilities

“After a four hour session with Jim in our office our heads were spinning.
Looks like we will be saving three times or more in taxes than what
it cost to hire him, and that’s just for the last part of this year!”

Jim Bowen will save you his fee many times over in the tax savings alone.

Many consultants charge exorbitantly high fees, but provide very little in terms of practical guidance, so it’s no wonder the consultant field is often met with skepticism and reluctancy from small business owners.

The extraordinary consultant always keeps the best interest of the client in focus. James Bowen, J.D., continues to be an extraordinary consultant by providing reasonable consulting fees, and the knowledge and practical expertise necessary to transform your business to meet its full potential and achieve measurable results.

Clients continuously report that the amount of savings achieved in the first year alone far surpasses the consulting fee. The testimonials he has received speak for themselves.

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