Practice Management for Chiropractors, Dentists, Professional Offices, and Small Businesses

Are you passionate about your profession and enjoy your work, but when it comes to the business-side of your practice, do you feel like you’re falling short? How many different “hats” do you wear while running your business in a day? In a week?

Bowen Consulting Group provides business consulting and tax coaching services for small health care-related businesses. Through extensive, on-site practice evaluations and unlimited consulting we’ll identify and show you how you can earn more, keep more, and reduce the stressful burdens of being the owner of a small business or practice.

Do you feel like you never get ahead?

Are missing out on “secrets” to make you
more successful?

Business Consulting

In this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to structure your business and personal finances to ensure increased profits and protection from loss.

Each business practice is different, even though they may share similar commonalities. But let’s not forget that the heart and soul of each business belongs to a person, or group of persons, even if the the company is identified as a Corp., LLC, etc. What are the visions of the owner for the future of the practice?

The financial x-ray starts with an evaluation of your company by looking at it’s current business structure. He likes to refer to it as a taking a “Financial X-Ray” of your practice, although it really details much more than the financial aspects. This is the foundation for the formulation of a plan that is specific to your practice and you.

The extraordinary consultant always keeps the best interest of the client in focus. James Bowen provides the knowledge, the practical expertise, and the caring necessary to transform your business to meet its full potential and achieve measurable results.

Clients continuously report that the amount of savings achieved in the first year alone far surpasses the consulting fee. The testimonials James has received speak for themselves.

Financial Management for Professional Offices and Small Businesses

Most small business owners lack one of the single greatest assets that can significantly shape the financial fluidity of their company — a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Many think CFOs are for large corporations, with a complex structure, hundreds of employees, and millions of dollars.

This not true.

Professional offices need the help of a CFO. They have many of the same concerns and responsibilities of a larger company but operate with a limited staff and much less financial backing.

Many think they can’t afford a full time CFO.

But there is an easy solution!

Let Bowen Consulting Group act as your CFO and provide the services and protection that your professional office needs. We have assisted over 250 medical & chiropractic offices, attorneys, accountants, and other professional offices earn more, keep more, increase compliance, and live fuller richer lives ... all while substantially reducing tax liability.

Business Analysis

We perform a complete business audit that covers many areas including the following:

There is no one else in the country — no practice manager, accountant, or attorney — that provides the scope of services and bottom line results that Bowen Consulting does. No one.

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