Tax Consulting and Advising for Chiropractors, Dentists, Professional Offices, and Small Businesses

For more than 20 years Jim Bowen has used his legal and business background to help clinic and business owners get more tax deductions, pay off debt, and become more profitable by streamlining their offices and businesses so they can get ahead and achieve their goals. He knows the issues medical clinics and small businesses face, because he has helped over 250 professional offices and businesses operate more efficiently, legally, and profitably over the last two decades.

Are you paying more to the IRS
than you need to?

Are you guilty of
common tax mistakes?

Common Tax Mistakes He Can Fix

Many small business owners pay more money to the IRS than they are required to — thousands and thousands of dollars each year. With the proper tax coaching, you keep more of your money without legal worries.

Here are just a few common mistakes professional offices and small businesses make:

Tax Analysis for Medical Offices and Small Businesses

Our tax analysis includes the following:

There is no one else in the country — no practice manager, accountant, or attorney — that provides the scope of services and bottom line results that Bowen Consulting does. No one.

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