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I can tell you from a real life perspective why some doctors, dentists, and small business owners are happy, successful and financially secure, while others are not. There are many reasons for these outcomes, but one common characteristic is the knowledge or lack of knowledge of basic tax law, business concepts, and operations.

My legal, accounting, and business background combined with on-site visits to hundreds of doctors, chiropractors, other medical professionals, and small business owners has given me a very unique perspective on the respective professions. My background as a litigator and speaker allow me to communicate this in a way to make the information accessible, interesting and entertaining (yes, taxes can be humorous).

What determines the profitability and compliance of clinics can be entity issues (corporation, LLC, or sole prop), tax filing issues, documentation issues, relationship issues (Stark, Anti-kick-back, False Claims Act), or even more basic issues such as partners, location, marketing, image ... the permutations are numerous, but they come down to a few basics. Sometimes there are easy, perfunctory changes that can improve the clinic. Other times it requires a re-wiring of the clinic or business owner’s outlook, but it always includes realizing that the clinic is also a business and that repeating past actions results in the same results.

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I heard [Jim] speak at a seminar just over a year ago, and I actually listened and took notes. I made it thru college and chiropractic school without hardly ever picking up a pen and taking a note. Jim had such business changing information to teach that I had to start taking notes. Hell it was life changing.

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