Are you passionate about your profession, and enjoy your work, but when it comes to the business-side of your practice, do you feel like you’re falling short? How many different “hats” do you wear while running your business in a day? In a week.

Most small business owners lack one of the single greatest assets that can significantly shape the financial fluidity of their company –– a chief financial officer. It’s easy to shrug the notion off. CFO’s are for large corporations, with a complex business structure, layers and layers of employees, and millions of dollars at their disposal, right?

Wrong. Small business practices need the help of a CFO — if not even more than a larger company. Small businesses have many of the same concerns and responsibilities of a larger company; but they operate with a limited staff and much less financial backing they can rely on.

We at Bowen Consulting Group act as your CFO and provide the services and protection that your small business needs.

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